A series of my sculptures are based on mathematical knot theory. In mathematics a knot is just like a normal knot except that the two ends are tied together creating a complete loop. Without undoing the ends it is possible to slide the rope around creating quite different shapes. Although the shapes are visually quite different mathematically there are considered to be identical. Knot theory catalogues the different mathematical knots by the number of times the rope crosses itself. There happen to be seven different mathematical knots with seven crossing points and they are catalogued as 7.1 to 7.7.
    I chose 7.5 as the starting point for the two different sculptures pictured above.
    The copper piping comes in large coils; with careful hand-manipulation I was able to take advantage of the curve to make a continuous smooth knot.
    The aluminium strips provided a different set of constructional challenges. The use of struts to create rigidity gave me a great deal of control over the actual shape but also added to the complexity.
    I hope that the viewer will be attracted by the aesthetics of each piece but also intrigued by the underlying mathematics.

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